Vertical farming often falls in line with ‘indoor farming’, ‘urban agriculture’ and ‘controlled-environment agriculture’ (which also encompasses greenhouse cultivation). With Anaujiram,  the vertical farming concept remains unique. The growing takes place where factors such as temperature, nutrients, lighting, irrigation, and air circulation are constantly monitored and adjusted. We have a variety of stands to choose from. Contact us for more information.


A grow light is an artificial source of light, commonly an electric light, which is designed to stimulate the growth of plants by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum perfect for photosynthesis. Such lights are commonly used in applications where there is a lack of natural light or additional light is required. Say for example, during the winter months, grow lights can be used to supply additional hours of light for plant growth. It helps grow vegetables and fruits grow indoors as well.

There are three basic types of grow lights available for indoor urban farming:

Fluorescent grow lights

HPS or HID grow light

LED grow lights.


 Ensuring accuracy when it comes to fertilization and irrigation can be a trying task, especially when operating at scale or without decades of experience under your belt, that's wat we're here for!

Effective irrigation and fertigation is a direct contributor to a successful yield, so it’s vitally important that you don’t leave it up to chance.

The good news is, perfection doesn’t require increased manpower to pull off when you have the right automation established. 

Seasonality is always a factor, even with indoor farming, but our tools will automatically adapt and adjust distribution to your crops as needed.

The ongoing data recording also informs you with the knowledge to be able to plan and strategize effectively to future yields.

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